Perth Male Voice Choir Annual Concert November 9th 2019

The Perth Male Voice Choir Annual Concert will be held on 9th November 2019 at 2.30pm in Trinity Church, 72 St Georges Terrace, Perth.

Tickets are $15.00. Call 0407 380 210 or 0403 123 679. Tickets also available at the door.

Join the Choir for Wine and cheese after the concert.


The 2019 Gymanfa Ganu will be at the Trinity Church, 72 St Georges Terrace, Perth on Sunday August 25th. This is an annual event held by the Welsh Free Church. 

This year, The Perth Male Voice Choir will be performing at the Gymanfa, which starts at 2.30pm.

There will be refreshments following the service. Entry is free but a collection will be taken and proceeds donated to help the homeless of Perth.


3.00pm Sunday 25th July with visiting minister from Melbourne Welsh Church

The Welsh Free Church will hold a special service at Trinity Church, 72 St Georges Tce, Perth, on Sunday 7th July 2019, at 3.00pm, led by visiting Minister Rev. Sion Hughes from the Melbourne Welsh Church.

Also present at the service will be members of the Perth Male Voice Choir. 

Everyone welcome, join us for a cuppa and Welsh Cakes afterwards. Contact Pat on 9364 9342


Sunday 24th February 2019 at 5.00pm

An Evensong service will be held, to celebrate St. David, at the Anglican St. George's Cathedral, 38 St George's Tce. Perth, on Sunday 24th February 2019 at 5.00pm. This replaces the Welsh Free Church Service which is usually held on the fourth Sunday of each month.

The next service of the Welsh Free Church will be held in Trinity Church, 72 St. George's Tce. Perth (please use side entrance) at 3.00pm on Sunday 24th March 2019. Please contact Pat on 9364 9342 for further details.

Vale John Roberts

John Roberts, a former President of the Welsh Free Church of WA, sadly passed away in July 2018. John made a very large contribution to the Church until he moved to Queensland to live with his daughter and her family in recent years. 

John was born in Ruthin, in North Wales in 1924. He did not speak English until he was seven years old, because his parents spoke only Welsh. School was difficult at first because lessons were conducted in English, but eventually he became fluent in the spoken and written word in both languages. He partly taught himself to read English by reading comics.

John trained as a toolmaker but when the Second World War came he was called up and joined the army. His role in liaising with the French Resistance included being parachuted into France behind enemy lines, he was later wounded and discharged. After the war John married his childhood sweetheart and eventually became a policeman. He had a successful career, but decided, with his wife, to migrate to Australia, first to Melbourne, then to Perth for the better weather, driving across the Nullarbor towing a caravan. They ran a successful restaurant business in Perth.

John and his wife were introduced to the Welsh Free Church and the Welsh Society in their early days in Perth, and became regular attendees of both. The Church offered the opportunity to hear the Welsh language and to sing the hymns of home. It was important to them that the Church was nondenominational, without either the fire and brimstone or the strictures on behaviour that were a feature of chapel in their young days in Wales. John was President of the Church for ten years from 2002 until 2012.

John was for many years a regular contributor to the Wales based magazine, Yr Enfys, which is distributed to Welsh communities, societies, and Welsh people in many countries throughout the world. He had numerous articles published, reporting on the activities of the Welsh community in Perth. 

John was made a Life Member of the Welsh Society of WA in recognition of his contribution over many years, and in later times he was returning officer and chaired the Annual General meetings. John was a successful entrant in the Welsh Society’s literary competitions on a number of occasions.

A Memorial service for John will be held by The Welsh Free Church on Sunday 28th October 2018 at 3.00 pm in Trinity Church, 72 St Georges Terrace, Perth. 

(Some information has been obtained from the book “Hiraeth,” a history of the Welsh and the Welsh Free Church in Western Australia, by Susan Hart)