The objects of the Welsh Free Church are:
* To provide opportunities for its members and any persons who profess a belief in Jesus Christ to engage in Christian worship primarily in English, but with some hymns and Bible readings in both Welsh and English.

The Challenge
Those attending services of worship at the Welsh Free Church has gradually diminished over the last decade or so to dangerously low levels and unless new members are forthcoming its future is highly questionable.
We therefore urgently need your help to keep the flame of Christian Worship at the Welsh Free Church alive for generations to come.
So those of you with Welsh lineage or association please consider helping us.

Current Program of Events
Sunday services: Every fourth Sunday of every month at Trinity Church commencing at 3.00 pm. The homily is always in English with hymns and readings in Welsh and English. Services are always followed by social gathering in the Vestry from 4.00 - 5.00 pm.
Annual - Gymanfa Ganu (Hymn Singing Festival): Fourth Sunday in August at 2.30 pm. This event remains very popular, attracting over 200 or so to join in the singing of a mixture of Welsh and English hymns.
Carol Service: Arranged as appropriate on fourth Sunday in November or December.

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